If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.
— Mario Andretti

As the cycling speed is a determinant of the amount of watts the rider has to push to maintain that speed in a specific body position, you will have to select your desired (hypothetical) cycling velocity. Select the desired speed and train for as long as you can until you reach your goal.


The Software

The Bioracer Aero system is a tool to determine and train the optimal aerodynamic position on the bike. By measuring the frontal area of the rider, whilst training on a roller system, the amount of watt that the rider has to pedal to maintain a certain (hypothetical) speed in that specific position is calcu- lated. The rider will get real time information on these parameters (frontal surface and power), as these parameters are adjusted instantly, when the rider change his position on the bike. Moreover, the gain in speed is projected as well. 

Therefore, this easy-to-use, plug-and-play device is the perfect tool to not only find the most optimal aerodynamic position on the bike, but also to train this specific position. 

The Hardware

The system consists of a webcam and a tripod to position the webcam in front of the cyclist. The green screen, a large green banner that has to be place behind the cyclist to make the background smooth and uniform, is also included, as well as a tripod system to install the green screen. 

The Falcon bow and hooks have to be connected to hang the green key at a height of 2.35m. Make sure the green key hangs as smooth as possible and spread the green towards the front. Place the roller system with the bicycle on top of the green screen and as close as possible to the (vertical part of) the green screen. Keep the green screen as smooth as possible under and behind the roller system.

Install the webcam on the tripod and place it in front of the cyclist, with 2m20 between the camera and the centre stem cap of the bicycle. Connect the webcam to the desktop/laptop using the USB cable.