About Bioracer


Bioracer is not just a manufacturer of cycling clothing. Day after day the designers improve the products so each customer can ride in the best most technologically advanced clothing possible. Whether you ride alone or as a team, our innovations ensure you will ride in the lightest, most breathable and advanced cycling wear available. 

Bioracer is the Official Supplier for the Belgian, Dutch, German, French, Russian and Luxemburg national cycling federations. Since 2012, Bioracer is the Official Supplier for the Belgian Olympic Team. These hundreds of athletes give feedback to help continuously develop and advance clothing for our customers. 



We offer teams more than just custom clothing. We can help make you and your team faster. Bioracer is the preferred clothing in Europe. In the 30,000+ teams they supply clothing to are just a few to admire. The Belgian National team, Netherlands National team, German National team and the Luxembourg national team are just some of the riders the world looks up to.

Famous for producing the fastest clothing in the world for these federations they also dress multiple pro teams. Some you would never even expect.
This creates a flamboyant, innovative creative DNA within the company. We notice it also creates fans inspired by their hero's that could be your club members. Inspire your team by offering something more then Lycra and stitching. Offer custom cycling clothing Made in Belgium with a history of SPEED.


The technology behind Bioracer clothing is undeniable. The fact that the options are nearly endless make it that much better. Winter, spring, summer, or fall - we literally have a wardrobe of opportunities to continue training and riding all year long. Here are some of the categories of products that do well all over the world. 

  • Rainwear
  • Aero Suits
  • Jackets
  • Bib shorts
  • Tights
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Shoe Covers
  • Base Layers
  • Triathlon Gear
  • Cyclocross Clothing
  • MTB Clothing


Our research into the optimization of the aerodynamic cycling position has clearly made us aware that the clothing is a determining factor in the aerodynamics of the racer. In addition, speed suits are custom made based on the individual time trial racer's measurements.

Correct measurements make for better suits by way of flatter seams, better patterns, and correct choice of material. Thanks to this approach, we won 12 medals during the most recent Olympic Games and 8 medals during the World Championships in Valkenburg.

Discerning time trial racers and triathletes can also utilize this service. So, how do we work?

  • In collaboration with you, we sit down and decide what your objectives are. Based on these objectives, we decide what the speedsuit will finally look like. During this session, we chose the model (time trial racing, triathlon, sprint, etc.), the fit (aerodynamic, athletic, or comfort), and the proper textile materials.
  • Your measurements are precisely taken by our pattern drawers and product developers. This way, you are guaranteed a tight fit with a minimum amount of folds and seams.
  • The suit then goes into production. In consultation with you, a delivery date is determined. 


Olympic Gold Medalist - 2016 -  Road Race Aero Suit Mesh 2.0 

The Olympic Medalist, Greg Van Avermaet, took gold this year in Rio. The suit was specially developed for the Olympic Games conditions of Brazil. The warm climate and hilly roads called for a suit that was optimized for breathability and lower speeds between 40 - 45 KM/H. The suit has a combination of 3 technologically advanced fabrics: Air Stripe, Sirio, and Air Mesh.

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The custom design process for your team starts with a 5 minimum order and a one time design fee.

Women's Race Proven Kit 

Shown here is Marianne Vos wearing the National Netherlands race proven product line as she sprints to the finish. Every second counts, this is why Bioracer matters most - the speed behind the suits could make or break your win. Not only the Netherlands National team, but Boels Dolmans women's professional racing team love the clothing combination of a Race Proven Body Fit Jersey and Race Proven 2.0 Sirio Bib.

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The custom design process for your team starts with a 5 minimum order and a one time design fee.


Aero Suit Race Proven 2.0 Cross

Wout van Aert wore this Bioracer suit at this seasons World Championship. He took the title in the moment captured here covered in dirt and pride. Cyclocross riders have to perform in many different conditions, therefore Bioracer has developed a wide variety of cross suits for any climate. 

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These suits are available in different fabrics: Stratos, Tempest, and a combination of Air Stripe and Speed Silk. 

These suits are available in short and long sleeves, with the option of a hood add on.

The custom design process for your team starts with a 5 minimum order and a one time design fee.

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