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About Concap

Concap has long been a reliable and high-quality sports nutrition. Our complete tailored range of products for before, during and after sporting performance ensures that everyone will find what he / she is looking for.

Many years of product research and continuously adjusting our products provide a high quality product for extra strength, energy and motivation. For the composition of our products, we work only with the best quality products on the market.

The main ingredient in our sports nutrition is Maltodextrin, a high-carbohydrate. This is complemented by numerous other sugars, less materials and vitamins. The ideal combination of fast and slow sugars, Concap supports your performance and increase your performance.

Our dietary supplements (capsules), we work which improved endurance by the patented extract Malia and also supports the strength and recovery. The Malia extract in combination with many other herbs, making Concap the legal supplement that really works. The combination of the above features provide a complete, high-quality sports nutrition used before, during and after sports performance.