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Bioracer & Bicycle Armor


Every serious racer knows which cycling apparel brand has won the most time trial medals since July 2012. For those racers, Bioracer has developed an individual version of its medal winning Speedmaster TT suit: the Speedwear Concept Aerosuit

The suit is made of a combination of New Monica and our Stripe aero fabric. The main fabric has been slightly modified with Speedsilk, a fabric technology that improves the aerodynamics of regular Lycra fabric.

The sleeves have a new and improved aerodynamic cut and are made of an aerodynamically more efficient fabric, Stripe. The cut and fabric are derived from our widely acclaimed Speedmaster speed suit. Since London 2012 this is the most copied and most successful speed suit, a pedigree to be proud of.



Aero TT based cut

Airstripe sleeve inserts

Speed Silk torso and short

Wide elastic leg gripper


Ever since we've started the aero revolution, we've been developing individually tailored speed suits and aero race suits for the pro peloton. With our Speedwear concept, we make these developments available for everybody. 

This Speedwear concept Road Race suit is developed for high speed racing on flat roads. For the top, we've used the Airstripe sleeve inserts from our Speedmaster TT suit and the Lycra fabric with Speed Silk aero treatment for the torso. We've put 2 pockets in the back for extra cargo space. The back pockets are carefully positioned for a minimal impact on aerodynamics. 

The short is made of a lightweight, stretchable and supportive fabric, in combination with a Speed Silked aero back panel. For extra wearing comfort and a good, irritation-free fit round the legs, we've used a Power Band leg gripper. 


Our Speedwear Concept is the cornerstone of our collection and it is the representation of our corporate DNA. It is designed to make you faster.

Lots of triathletes have discovered the potential of our Speedwear Concept and are using it during triathlon races, even though this capsule collection is initially designed for road racing and time trial.

That’s why we came up with the Speedwear Concept Tri Suit.  A translation of all the aerodynamic qualities of Speedwear Concept to the needs of triathletes.


The majority of the suit is made of Speedsilk. The Speedsilk fabric has undergone a hot press treatment, so the surface gets very smooth and silk like, hence the name. This fabric technology improves the aerodynamics of regular Lycra. Speedsilk reduces drag and is used on the front torso, the side panels and the legs.  


Airstripe is a form of Lycra with a pinstripe woven into the surface. This fabric creates a golfball effect. On places where this fabric is used, the air is able to remain attached to the surface much longer and creates a narrower low-pressure wake and less pressure drag. We use this fabric on the sleeves and the back torso.


The integrated Tri pad provides support during the bike leg, whilst still being flexible enough so you don’t notice it while swimming or running.


The leg cuffs are finished with a wide elastic Powerband, to keep everything in place.