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About the Doctor 

Peter Vervoort MD., Sports Doctor and active triathlete & runner for over 30 years. Dr. Vervoort is passionate about all sports, but more specificaly -endurance sports.

Sport medical studies was a logical choice for Dr. Vervoort after high school. This gave him the opportunity to turn a hobby into a career. Continuing education is always on his forefront. He stays active around the world and follows new developments in the medical, sports, and mechanical fields.

Completing 2 qualifications in the Ironman of Kona Hawaii are the high-rise of his personal sports career. As a Sports Doctor Dr. Vervoort has as much fulfillment seeing his beginner clients finish their first 10K, as when I see the well-coached athletes reaching their goals in an Ironman competition.

When a client reaches their goal, and Dr. Vervoort has a role in making it happen, he truly fulfills his own dreams of bringing athletes to a whole new level. 

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Why choose Dr2Coach? 

Do you want to surpass your competitors? We will help you on a personal level to reach your goals.

Why should I be coached by someone that didn’t study it? A good training schedule is scientifically built up and backed up. It literally takes away your worries and stress by not having to think how and when you will train next.  If you follow the schedule and do the trainings - you will achieve progression.

Why getting coached by some one that didn’t do the sport themselves Doctor Peter Vervoort participated 2 times in the Iron Man of Kona Hawaii, has finished 17 Ironmans competitions, 13 marathons and more than 100 other (70.3 races, 10 miles, cycling races,…) competitive events.

Ever coached by a medical sports doctor? Medical sports doctors know your body, your injuries, nutrition needs and mental balance. Your coach adjusts your schedule depending on these factors.

Ever coached by an international famous coach from Europe / Belgium? Doctor Peter Vervoort 20 year long sports doctor in Belgium Coaching professional cyclists, triathletes, runners, soccer players, and many other types of professional athletes.

You want your local sport store to be part of it? Build the relationship with your local store even stronger. They can become educated how to understand and help you out with these schedules and be part of your goals.


Different Packages Available

  • Initial conversation via email and/or skype
  • Personal schedule buildup
  • Day by day schedule, fully personalized
  • Annual training plan
  • Nutrition advice
  • Schedule based on personal heart rate and/or wattage curves
  • Free training software online
  • Daily email with your workout
  • Email contact anytime with your coach
  • When needed schedule changes (racing, injury, work,…)
  • Skype contact 

Invest in Your Goals

Our purpose is to deliver all athletes with a fitting schedule for their personal level, condition, and performance indicators.

These schedules are designed for everyday athletes as well as those who are more competitive, either individually or on a team.

Every schedule is designed scientifically and professionally under strict guidance by Dr. Peter Vervoort MD., himself being sports Doctor and triathlete.

"Success is knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of being." - Dr. Peter Vervoort, MD.