Bioracer's Winter Collection is all about giving you the right protection to go out and train as much as you would like while staying comfortable and safe. We import all the best reflective pixel technology clothing from Bioracer.

They have incorporated these reflective inserts in a ton of products - ranging from the Spitfire Winter Jackets to the All Season Tempest outfits. The Vesper Winter kits for women feature the same characteristics and benefits, tailored to the female form.

The Spitfire Winter is available for men in 2 jackets, 3 bib tights, 2 types of arm and leg warmers, a pair of jerseys, 1 bib short, a pair of arm and leg warmers and a pair of water repellent socks. The Vesper Winter for women consists of 2 jackets and incredible bib tights. Who say's you can't mix and match?

Call us today for more information on getting set for your winter rides - no matter where you are in the country. 


Roel Vanmuysen