Ever since the start in 1986, Bioracer is committed to one mission: we make you faster. We do this by keeping one basic principle in mind: man is measure of all things. 

Our mission is not only about delivering the fastest kit possible. It’s also about giving you all the tools necessary to be the fastest you can be. And this goes far beyond clothing. 

Did you know we developed the first modern racing shoe and the first digitized bike fitting systems? These are only some of the innovations we’ve made to improve your comfort on the bike, and ultimately, your speed. 

This mission and vision are highly reflected in our most important capsule collection: Speedwear Concept. We have developed the fastest aerodynamic gear on the market, and spared no expense to do so. Countless wind tunnel tests, CFD testing, numerous field tests, we’ve put it all in to make our athletes faster. Ask Martin, Dumoulin, Gilbert what gave them a competitive edge during the Olympics and the Worlds…

All our efforts and all of the successes led to the development of Speedwear Concept. It is the culmination of years of research work, and it’s developed with the same passion as the kit our pro athletes wear. It is the materialization of our DNA. It makes you faster. 

Speedwear Concept is available at our premium dealers, and it comes in any colour, as long as it’s black.


This Speedwear Concept Road Race suit is developed for high speed racing on flat roads. It combines the aerodynamics of a speedsuit with the ease of use of a jersey and shorts. 

For the top, we‘ve used the Stripe sleeve inserts from our Speedmaster TT suit and the Lycra fabric with Speed Silk aero treatment for the torso. 

We‘ve put 2 pockets in the back for extra cargo space. The back pockets are carefully positioned for a minimal impact on aerodynamics. 

The short is made of a lightweight, stretchable and supportive fabric, in combination with a Speed Silked aero back panel. 

For extra wearing comfort and a good, irritation-free fit round the legs, we‘ve used a Power Band leg gripper.

Roel Vanmuysen