A company founded in 2010 by Roel Vanmuysen, an young entrepreneur and realistic dreamer.  His professional approach, the passion and pushing the limits served him to start on the US cycling market.

BelgiumBike imports, distributes and represents Belgium’s finest cutting-edge cycling products in the USA.

Roel started to travel the summer of 2010, from state to state, more than 3 months and 15 000 miles later over 600 stores. Owners in 45 states had touched and tested the quality and craftsmen ship of Bioracer, Concap and many other Belgian brands.

By talking to all levels in the industry, visiting hundreds of shops and presenting on national and international cycling events he learned more about the US cycling industry and community.

 It is not easy to invade a market with multiple foreign brands when economy told everyone to trust in “conservative we know what we get and sell “products.

Communications needed adjustment towards, a totally different cycling market and demographics, than the Belgian and EU market. Roel delivered constant feedback to the manufacturers in Belgium, while in the US, with a solid message that came across, he earned the trust of the industry and its consumers. 

He approached the market frequently on events and trade shows. Events were selected from local races to UCI World championships, Interbike,… his way of meeting the race shop-owners and their coworkers as they were participating or also presenting.

BelgiumBike was the only Belgium presence at the expo of the Cyclocross World Championship in Louisville Kentucky. Roel presented the Belgium Team to the US supporters in a Louisville shop and on the Louisville after party.  At World Championships road in Richmond Virginia Roel set up the Belgian Huis, location of the Belgian Press Conference and host of Belgian VIP.


2017 Roel started Bicycle Armor. First in the world ceramic nano coating line for the bicycle industry.

2018 The first Bioracer Racer Speed centers are being put on the US map. An aerodynamic knowledge center where athletes come out faster as ever before.

Cycling is our national- international sport, trade mark and future social network and Roel’s prime passion, which he will support in this great country, his new home, as far as he can.