BelgiumBike was founded in 2010 by Roel Vanmuysen, professional cyclist and young entrepreneur.  Roel had an ambitious dream: to bring his intimate knowledge of pro touring, passion, and the very best of Belgian cycling technology to the American market.  Intensive 600km per week cycling schedules were replaced by 60km per week routes as BelgiumBike came to life.  Roel dreamt of the highest standard of customer service, the best professional and amateur networks, cutting edge technology and artisan workmanship, all informed by his own understanding of the passion and demands of cycling.   

BelgiumBike is an importer, a distributor and a representative for Belgium’s finest cycling products in the USA.  But BelgiumBike is more than that.  We know cycling: we live it, breathe it, and love it.  We bring Belgian enthusiasm and expertise to the American market, not just products.  We are for cyclists, whether you’re a professional, a business owner, a manufacturer or just someone who loves to ride.  

BelgiumBike imports, distributes and represents Belgium’s finest cycling products in the USA.
He not just imports  brands, but also passion and expertise of  Belgian cycling to  USA entrepreneurs, for the benefit of the cyclist and with respect for cycling.