Bioracer Team Guidelines


The production of the BioRacer Team Wear is in hands of highly qualified personnel, trained in-house.
Together with clear-cut communication (BioRacer-BelgiumBike- your Team), this allows us to guarantee permanent quality control and a smooth follow-up of your order.

As the BioRacer products are highly specific and personalized, we are obliged to fulfill the conditions stated below. These conditions apply without prejudice to the general conditions. Good quality and smooth delivery can only be guaranteed if we dispose of the appropriate expert knowledge of quality, design and sizing.

We invite you to read the Team Guidelines listed below carefully before you start your order.
BelgiumBike is at your service to guide you through the creation of your custom design. We help you to define the correct sizing and advice you to determine your best choice in cycling clothing. From technical materials all the way to the most clever details.
The BelgiumBike team joins your team from start to finish. 


You may download the Bioracer order form for Custom Team Wear under Downloads with a Password given to you once you e-mail The order form shows the complete list of all BioRacer Team clothing items, including all options and pricing.
Following the instructions, you will find your personal price offer, according your order volume.
At any given step in the order process, BelgiumBike will follow up and simplify your team order procedures.

Bioracer custom product lines

BioRacer offers the most complete collection of custom cycling clothing for all seasons, in different cuts and materials, with a wide range of comfort and performance details.
Please note that the different Team Wear product lines: Sport /Professional/Race Proven and Individual, demand different designs.

Items, options

The cycling clothing items such as short- and long sleeved shirts, bibs, tights, skinsuits and accessories demand their specific design. Therefore:

The choice of the custom cycling products is your first priority.


-BioRacer requires minimum 5pc per item.

-BioRacer requires minimum any 10pc in total for any items combined.


Once product line(s), items and options are defined, and quantities are finalized, the final price can be defined. 


Collect and Submit the Logos

In order to avoid quality loss and to guarantee an excellent print, we can only accept vector formats, such as: .Ai file, Adobe Illustrator, .cdr file, CorelDRAW, .EPS file, Adobe Photoshop

Please send your logos and design examples and instructions to BelgiumBike:


BioRacer uses a specific Color Book. The team needs to define its colors and communicate them along with the logos and the design instructions. BelgiumBike has a color book available. Pantone codes can be supplied but BelgiumBike is not responsible for the conversion and final result.

Design procedures

Bioracer creates a free design for all NET order totals of $7000 or more per product line. For order less than $7000 a rate of $100 will be charged per design.

The guidelines with regard to the design have to be clear. A first adjustment of the design is for free, from the second adjustment on, an extra fee of $100 will be charged.

If we have not received an order within 2 months, we will charge an amount of $250 for each design. 

The Perfect Fit


Bioracer has accurate size tables. The team can consult these size tables on Bioracer’s website:
BelgiumBike also can send a fit-kit, so each team member can fit the kits and choose the appropriate size. 


Only upon approval of the final design and the final order form with sizes and price quotation, BioRacer will accept the order and plan production. Production takes about 8 weeks before finished in Belgium. BelgiumBike follows up and completes BE/USA transport and customs. Upon arrival BelgiumBike informs the team and prompt ships the team wear.