Terms & Conditions



Sales conditions
BelgiumBike, LLC:

 1. The amounts mentioned in the orderare amounts VAT

 2. BelgiumBike is only bound by itsown offer and/or order confirmation and these conditions, expressly excluding the Client’s own contractual conditions.

 3. The agreed price only relates tothe goods described in
BelgiumBike's offer and/or order confirmation. Orders below $250 are increased with$10 administration expenses.

 4. All stated delivery times are to be used for information
purposes only. The delivery of goods will take place from our warehouse BelgiumBike, in Stuart, FL or occasionally warehouse supplier in Belgium. Risk associated with the goods will be transferred to the Client. As of the acceptance of the goods. Transportation of the goods willalways occur at the Client’s own risk and expense. The goods are presumed to be acceptedin case no formal complaint is formulated within 24 hours following the delay of the goods.

5. Samples and fit kits are to be returned within 14 days. This at the expense of the receiver / customer.
All samples should be returned clean and without damage. Samples will be invoiced 50 % in case of abuse.
Samples / fit kits will be invoiced for the full amount in case late return or excessive use.

 6. BelgiumBike exclusively retainsthe intellectual property rights attached to the delivered goods.

 7. All orders need to be confirmedwith a 50% advance payment. All invoices are payable in advance,  before shipment. Payments needs to be made to theregistered office of BelgiumBike Stuart, Florida. Prepayments cannot be reclaimed backby the Client. The goods remain the exclusive property of BelgiumBike as long asthey remain unpaid. From their due date all unpaid invoices will be increased, bylaw and without formal notice, by a fixed interest rate forcompensation set at 10% of the outstanding amount on the invoice.

 8. Each complaint related to adelivery and/or an invoice has to be notified in writing by the Client within 15 days following thedelivery/the reception of the
invoice. After this date a complaint is not longer admissible.               
9. In the event of a faulty deliverydemonstrated by the Client, BelgiumBike will either exchange the faulty goods or credit the correspondinginvoice, at its own
discretion. The BelgiumBike’s guarantee obligations are strictly limited to the

 10. For specific conditions ofcustomization and production we refer to the amendments per supplier order.

 11. This transaction is governed byUS law. In the event of a dispute the courts of law of Florida dispute through the courts of law inthe client’s area.

12. It is the duty of the customer /receiver to be informed about the terms / policy and warranty of BelgiumBike.LLC
If the customer did not receive these with the products or samples then it is their duty to inform themselves.
Therefore BelgiumBike.LLC does not need to inform the customer / receiver
with the delivery or communication about terms, policies or the warranty.


its wheels to be free from defect in materials or workmanship  
for 1 YEAR from the date of purchase, 
- exclusively to the original owner, non transferable warranty
- purchased from authorized BelgiumBike dealers
- with proof of purchase (i.e copies of invoice dated, signed and stamped by the authorized retailer ) 
- only with an itemized receipt from the dealer in case of online purchase
BelgiumBike keeps the right to a full refund, when the complaint is opened within 14 days after the purchase date.

BelgiumBike will only refund in the form of company product credit.

 This warranty does not cover: 
- any representation or warranty made by a dealer beyond the provisions of this warranty.
- products without an invoice or sales receipt, which makes it impossible to establish the date and origin of purchase
- wheels on which the identification markings, BelgiumBike logo, serial number,  have been removed  
- wheels that have reached the end of their normal life cycle. 
- damage due to accidents, negligence, misuse, corrosion, incorrect assembly, repairs improperly performed, use of incompatible replacement parts, modifications not recommended or approved by BelgiumBike, normal wear and tear, or commercial use of the product.
- aesthetic imperfections, evident or identifiable at the time of purchase, imperfections in the surface, finish or appearance.
- consumable materials including lubricants, bearings, and brake pads, 
- any expenditure related to the transport of the product to and from BelgiumBike
- damages occurring during shipment or transport. 
- labor costs associated with removing the product from the bicycle, and preparing it for shipment. 
- compensation for inconvenience associated with not being able to use the product while being repaired or replaced.

This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties. Any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are limited to the same duration as this express warranty.

 Belgiumbike is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages.